The Springfield Project

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaborations

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaboration

About TSP

The Springfield Project (TSP) is a 501c(3) not-for-profit agency located in Springfield, Illinois.  TSP collaborates with public agencies and private partners to facilitate community development and revitalization, foster diversity development initiatives, and support community problem solving efforts.

It is TSP's belief that the best and strongest resource in any neighborhood is its residents.  TSP serves as an organization whose purpose is empowering low-income and minority citizens to identify and solve neighborhood problems through collaboration and partnership with various stakeholders.

TSP's focus is on traditionally underserved and underrepresented neighborhoods throughout the City of Springfield.  TSP does not only serve as a direct service provider, but also as an entity that facilitates systemic change within neighborhoods by bringing public and private resources to bear on community problems.

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The mission of The Springfield Project is to unite Springfield, Illinois as a community by working to improve the quality of
life for all throughout its neighborhoods.

TSP was formed in 1996 after a visit to Atlanta, Georgia to observe The Atlanta Project founded by former President Jimmy Carter prior to the Olympic Games. 

A delegation of 40 Springfield, Illinois community members including the Mayor of Springfield, University of Illinois at Springfield Chancellor, Lincoln Land Community College President, Springfield School District #186 Superintendent, Financial Institution representatives, religious leaders and other concerned residents made the trip with the anticipation of bringing back ideas and a model to help improve the City of Springfield in areas that need it most.