The Springfield Project

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaborations

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaboration

Community Organizing

The cornerstone of The Springfield Project's (TSP) success lies in Neighborhood/Community Organizing.  TSP seeks to empower citizens to develop solutions to problems that they identify in their neighborhoods and to foster collaboration among government agencies, service providers, people who want to help and those who need help.

  • Housing
  • Crime Prevention
  • Summer Youth Employment
  • Education
  • Mentoring/Tutoring
  • Resident Empowerment

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

1. TSP focuses on neighborhood revitalization through:

  • Organizing and empowering neighborhood residents.
  • Addressing needed changes in the City code and code enforcement.
  • Providing housing and home ownership through TSP-HOPE (Home Ownership Program for Equity).

2. The overall goal of TSP is to assist change in neighborhoods that will be sustainable over the long-term.  We recognize there are many models to do this work and are currently using the following approaches:

  • With TSP as the primary organizing force, we are helping residents to gain control of their neighborhoods.  TSP has been engaged in this type of organizing in the Mather Welles neighborhood from 11th Street to 18th Street and the North side of Cook Street to the alley North of Jackson Street in Springfield, Illinois. 
  • Assisting those who are already involved in neighborhood revitalization. For example, TSP assisted the Enos Park Neighborhood Association in its efforts to revitalize their neighborhood.

3. When TSP chooses a neighborhood for collaboration, TSP will assist the leadership of that area in the following ways:

  • We start with the core belief that the only way revitalization will occur is if residents within a given neighborhood are organized, working together, and exercising power and control over their neighborhood.
  • We define a neighborhood area as being a small and tightly knit sector of the community.  Neighborhood power can easily be exercised in smaller segments within a neighborhood rather than to address the entire neighborhood.
  • Our focus is not on providing services, but on working with the residents to help obtain the resources needed to improve their lives.
  • We approach neighborhood organization with the idea that when there is more home ownership in an area, the residents of that area will exercise more control.  In turn, TSP-HOPE will purchase, renovate, and provide ownership of housing to collaborate on the efforts of TSP.  The goal of TSP and TSP-HOPE is to involve residents home owners in revitalization efforts.