The Springfield Project

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaborations

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaboration

East Springfield Redevelopment

Q5 Quantum Growth Partnership
The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Diversity Development Council 
In affiliation with The Springfield Project and the Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce


  • Fifty percent of abandoned and dilapidated properties will be demolished or revitalized in East Springfield, defined as 11th Street through Dirksen Parkway and Carpenter Street through Cornell Street.
  • There will be new homes in the neighborhoods of East Springfield.
  • There will be new commercial establishments in East Springfield.
  • There will be new minority businesses in East Springfield.
  • The neighborhoods will collaborate with the city to help create a safer environment in East Springfield.
  • Secure funding for land acquisition and create renderings of redevelopment concepts.


  • Make contact with all land owners of vacant, abandoned, or dilapidated properties in East Springfield.
  • Engage the neighborhoods to finalize plans for redevelopment.
  • Develop comprehensive plans for the area.
  • Create renderings of redevelopment concepts.
  • Secure funding for land acquisition.

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