The Springfield Project

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaborations

Solving Neighborhood Problems
Through Collaboration

Neighborhood of Hope

The Neighborhood of Hope (NOH) encompasses 49 square blocks bounded by South Grand Avenue to Cook Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to 11th Street, and is poised to become a model neighborhood rehabilitated with the participation of many, varied entities.  The Springfield Project (TSP) has developed a Master Plan devised from the input of numerous stakeholders, which allows the NOH to build its strengths - District 186 Feitshans Academy, its many churches and religious centers, the Judge John Taylor House, and the historic South Town commercial district. 

Deteriorated housing will be removed and new homes constructed to suit various interest and demographic groups.  Older, owner-occupied homes will be eligible for renovation and rehabilitation.  New businesses will provide goods, services, and employment opportunities for both the neighborhood and the city at large.  Amenities will include distinctive neighborhood entrances; a street system creating lively commercial areas and quiet residential streets; and parks, green space, and walkways interconnecting the area.  To date, TSP has acquired 51 lots for new construction in partnership with the City of Springfield and several homes have been constructed and sold.

The NOH will become a vital and active area.  The neighborhood will: 1) contain valuable tax-generating property, 2) become a source of community pride, and 3) function as an integral and attractive section of the city's entrance corridors along South Grand Avenue and Cook Street.  The NOH will represent a resurgent area in the City of Springfield and will mark a transformation in a segment of our community which has long been overlooked.